Dance Into Light, Inc., a 501 c 3 Modern Dance Company based in Queens, New York, was founded by Artistic Director Dina Denis in 2003. The mission of the organization is to explore dance as an avenue for personal healing for both participants and observers, and as a means of self-expression through multicultural and multidisciplinary collaborations. The Company offers artist-to-youth mentoring services through high school and college internships; hands on creative movement and dance technique workshops, lecture demonstrations and dance performances throughout the tri-state area. Dance Into Light is also known for its highly successful performance program in New York nursing home and senior centers that reach hundreds of seniors each year. 






Dance Into Light is a multimedia Company that brings together the creativity of performing

and visual artists from various cultures. These collaborations across cultures and artistic

genres inspires Dina Denis' interests in global human connectivity. Denis' choreographic efforts 

explore human connectivity on spiritual, emotional and intellectual levels. Specifically, her 

interest lies in themes such as strengthening the bonds among people and providing a sense 

of community and compassion for all people. Through dance, music and visual art 

collaborations, her abstract narrative dances takes audiences on personal journeys of 

reflection and awakening. In addition to dance classes and formal performances, Denis 

connects to her audience by inviting them into her creative process. During presentations of 

her work in various stages of development, Denis engages her audience in reflective 

discussions via open rehearsals, lecture demonstrations, informal performances and 

post-performance discussions.