Belonging to a Sea of Possibilities with Mare Nostrum Elements

Belonging to a Sea of Possibilities with Mare Nostrum Elements” 
            As experienced, reflected upon and written by Dina Denis.
July 20, 2014
Finding where you belong can be a lifelong search. Once you arrive, you may realize that this experience could be temporary. Even if it lasts a few minutes or hours, it is good to know you have arrived and it does exist. And this place of belonging doesn't need to be a physical space. It can be a place created by a group of individuals on a similar path as you. It is good to know there are other seekers out there and not just you. Within this place of belonging you can find ease, joy, a suspension of time and what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to as flow. Although it can happen alone, the power of a collective spirit helps you get there faster and remain a little longer.
I was once again privileged to be part of the Mare Nostrum Elements community
this past weekend at the PMT Dance Studio. We spent several hours in the studio making ideas and inferences with our bodies, minds and of course there was lots of spirit. It is always great to be a primary witness to spirit in art making regardless of any belief system. Spirit in art making can be that inner light of yes, a vibrant feeling and total absorption in the moment. Spirit breathes life into art and helps us click into a web of connectivity with others. Within this web, judgement is suspended, the mind's chatter is quiet and there comes a true understanding of oneness.
Experiences like the Emerging Choreographer Series with Mare Nostrum Elements help people connect, create and live exuberantly. Directors Kevin Albert and Nicola Iervasi are a humble pair who expressed their wish to take the creative journey with us. Using theatre and dance-inspired structured improvisation, the duo are able to create an environment where artists can quiet the mind, focus and explore the creative process. Suitably called The Wave Within!, is billed by Albert and Iervasi on their website as “a unique, interdisciplinary training process that provides performers with active tools to strengthen their self-confidence and stage presence.” 
Albert and Iervasi's Emerging Choreographer Series audition workshops will be held over the next several months. Interested choreographers who want to hone their craft within a community of like-minded artists can find more information about Mare Nostrum Elements on their website.